The Payment Ring – How do I use my Payment Ring on Public Transport?

One of the best things about The Payment Ring is that it can be used on public transport. At the moment there is only information on how you can use it on the TFL Network. Nevertheless, this means you can use your payment ring on London buses, tubes, trams and trains.

In 2014, the TFL Network began accepting contactless payments on London’s public transport. Similar to Oyster Cards, you simply tap your card on the yellow card reader when approaching the barrier.

How do I tap in with my Payment Ring?

You would use your payment ring the same way you would tap in with an oyster card or contactless card – by tapping in on the yellow reader on the barrier.

You should remember to “knock” on the yellow pad to get the right transmission position. Hold the position until the reader beeps and the barrier opens.

TFL - The Payment Ring

One mistake that many of us have made (and probably won’t again) is forgetting to tap out! Whether you’re using your oyster card, your contactless card or your payment ring, you still need to make sure that you tap out at the end of your journey. If you forget to do this, you could be charged the maximum amount for where that form of transport could have went.
E.g. If your train starts at London Victoria and it’s last stop is at Epsom, and you get off at Sutton but forget to tap out, you may be charged for that whole journey to Epsom.

If you are ever in a situation where you know you have forgotten to tap out, be sure to call TFL customer services and explain what has happened and they will guide you from there.

How much does it cost to use on public transport?

The Payment Ring not only has a daily cap, but also a Monday – Sunday weekly cap when used on London’s public transport. This means that it will never cost you more than a daily or a weekly travelcard.

It is important to bare in mind though that if you are travelling into London every day, then using your payment ring may not be the most cost-effective option. The cap runs Monday to Sunday, so there may be some weekly deals available to you. Either way its not as convenient as your ring being there on your finger!

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