The Payment Ring – What does the Payment Ring do that your Smart Phone or Smart Watch can’t?

Smart phones and smart watches have a huge range of functionalities. Over the years they have developed from making a simple phone call, to measuring your heart rate just through the touch of a button. In 2015, Kerv created the world’s first payment ring. Although they are completely different products, below we have compared these devices on their contactless payment abilities.

Payment Ring VS Smart Devices

Why would I buy the Payment Ring when my phone can use contactless already?

Don’t get me wrong, having a mobile phone that can not only text and call, take high quality photos, calculate how many steps you have done in the day, and even use for contactless payments, is great! Most smart phones now days come with all of these features. So why do we think using your Payment Ring is more practical?

The first thing is convenience. The payment ring is always on your hand. All you have to do is simply tap the card reader in a fist position and your in! No rummaging through your bag to find your phone and clicking through to the right app. The ring is there.

Also, the payment ring requires no charging so it will never be out of battery, which your phone may be.

Thirdly, its choice. The payment ring is stylish, its the latest gadget in the market. Why buy the latest phone when your current device does everything you need it to? It’s because we like to keep up to date and show off what we have.

The beauty of The Payment Ring is that it’s simple, practical and a trendy gadget for everyone. Although The Payment Ring’s one main purpose is to make contactless payments quickly and easily, it doesn’t have the functionalities that other smart devices have. The Payment Ring was designed to be convenient and practical for every day people making payments. A smart phone is designed for a number or reasons, mainly communication.

Mastercard - The Payment Ring

The fact is that whether your phone is fully charged or completely flat. Whether the crowds are overwhelmingly busy or if you’re the only person in the station, your ring is always ready, waiting to be used.

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